Silverio World Airlines Flight 81
Plane 1


March 21, 1989


Boeing 737-200

Crash site

500 Endega St., Belladonna Cove, Belladonna, Silverio World










Landing gear malfunction, Overweight plane, failure to follow safety laws

Flight origin

Belladonna Kanuka International Airport, Silverio World


Poxiru Beneda Airport, Metroworld

Silverio World Airlines Flight 81 is considered to be one of the worst aircraft crashes in Silverio World history.


The accident aircraft, registered SLA3769-820, was purchased on July 18, 1969 as a brand new aircraft for Silverio World Airlines. The aircraft was third in the fleet. Over the years, it changed hands many times between 1973 and 1985, from Air Silverio, Japan Airlines, American Airlines and finally back to Silverio World Airlines in 1986. In 1981, the plane suffered an engine malfunction that forced the plane to land in Seattle, Washington. Two years before the accident, in 1987, the landing gear failed to engage while the plane was landing at Doshnivo City International Airport in Doshnivo City. In order to fix this, Silverio World Airlines' inspection crew at that airport applied hydraulic fluid into the inner mechanism of the landing gear. It was an improper procedure that had to be done anyway because in 1987, Silverio World was going through an brief, but damaging, energy crisis. The crisis was the result of the war in Mulitikki, which had ended earlier that year. Tensions between Metroworld and Silverio World increased oil prices in both countries.


Before takeoffEdit

On March 20, 1989, Silverio World Airlines Flight 81 was flying its usual route between Tianin and Belladonna Cove. The pilots who flew that day were Captain C. Rosser DuMosi and First Officer Hanme G. Runnel. Both men were experienced pilots with Rosser flying 33,250 hours, Runnel flying 18,400 hours and D. Ross flying 7,700 hours. For the Boeing 737, Rosser flew 11,760 hours while Runnel flew about 8,000 hours. On that day, 130 passengers were checked in onto the flight, with 90% of the passengers being of Silverish nationality. There were 8 crew members other than the pilots (4 flight attendants, the flight engineer, the air medic, the purser, and a security guard) As a result, the plane was completely full, slightly over the maximum passenger limit. However, the weather was going to turn nasty at 22:00 BT (Belladonna time, UTC -10), so the flight was scheduled to fly to Poxiru. The plane was to take off at Runway 23S (The runway east of the airport) at 19:19 BT, but constant flight delays forced the plane to stay at the airport for 3 hours and 38 minutes.

Takeoff & crashEdit

At 23:57 BT, Silverio World Airlines Flight 81 was given clearance to exit Terminal 4. However, when the plane started exiting, there were reports that the plane started wobbling, a sign that the plane is too heavy to fly. The plane took off at 00:15 BT on the following day, March 21, 1989. Then things started turning bad. The plane's landing gear doors burst open, causing pressurized air to be sucked out of the plane. (The doors landed 18 miles south of the airport) As a result, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing back to Kanuka. However, the heavy plane and heavy cargo took its toll on the plane's structure, and as a result, once the plane's landing gear was dropped, the plane fell out of the sky and it eventually crashed in the eastern suburbs of Belladonna Cove. It killed all 140 passengers and crew, and damaged Silverio World Airlines' reputation for the next few years. The crash site was, ironically, an elementary school. The fire that started from the crash killed a further 4 people on the ground, and it injured 8 people.


The accident damaged the reputation of Silverio World Airlines, with many passengers refusing to fly the airline in the coming weeks and months.

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