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Featured Article for September 2020

September 2020

Silverio Broadcasting Company (Silverish: Televisia Silverio Compania) is a Silverish television network headquartered in Torrena City, Lochena. The television channel launched on July 23, 1941 in a bomb shelter in Torrena City during World War II as a WWII newsreel company by Tecere Natze and Mek Ashberg.

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SNT debuts "Antivirus" with extremely high ratings; 14 million viewers tuned in to series premiere

  BREAKING NEWS: Queen Emma IV wins 2018 Silverish elections; Isabella Hernandez to become Prime Minister, Donna Belcharden to become President Silverio Wiki unveils new logo for the first time since 2012 Lochena Oil is gone for good: Refineries to shut down in June 2015 Silverish tourism at risk following Yosku's declaration of war against North Korea Radiation found in Shonbar city water linked to power plant disaster; shuts down water pipes, forcing city to go without water Silverio World oil prices soar BREAKING NEWS: Samsung banned in Silverio World following Galaxy Note 7 issues THE 14321 SHOW, Silverio News Network and other projects quietly delayed until spring 2016
Planet Silverio Attacks 6: The Final Battle delayed until spring 2016, citing technical issues, fans unhappy   First all-female victory in Silverish history in the 2018 Silverish elections following ballot count  Pnka International Commerce Center begins construction: tower to stand 3,127 ft tall, opening in 2018 Ponyland Theme park in Caresa shut down following Hasbro lawsuit BREAKING NEWS: Third Nudua Power Plant Reactor 3 explodes, causing radiation to spread all ower south-western Nudua Delta unveils new logo for first time since 1972

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What's New

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  • that Taka 26's SNT affiliate is KQRO?
  • that The Silverish Coat of Arms was incorporated in 844 by Russian settlers?
  • the Silcyclomedia Channel is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
  • THE 14321 MOVIE is now showing on Dailymotion! (Link: The 14321 MOVIE will not be released on YouTube due to bandwidth and copyright.)

Image of the Month

Silverio World coat of arms

Silverish coat of arms.

This is the Silverish Coat of Arms used in military and elections. The seal was established in 844 by Russian settlers and incorporated as the national coat of arms in 1921. The letters U, S, S, S, and W stand for the United Silverish States of Silverio World (new name). The original coat of arms can be seen at the Silverish History Museum in Lumpura, Bombodia.        

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The 14321 Show - Season 9, Episode 1 (One Last Episode before We Move)

The 14321 Show - Season 9, Episode 1 (One Last Episode before We Move)

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