The Silverio Railway Museum is part of the Silverio Land Museum Complex in Prontera. The Museum opened in 1969 on top of the historic Prontera Rail Yard.

Before SRM: Prontera-Silverio Land City RailroadEdit

In 1946, railroad planner Tom Doyel wanted to connect Silverio Land City with Prontera (a mining town at the time with very little city development). The plan was not approved until 1952, when the railroad was built. The railroad had greatly opened on December 26, 1954. SWNR and GNR trains rolled along the rails of the newly-built railway. The stations, west to east, were in the following order:

  • Slabben Ave.
  • Jablet St.
  • Lobeza Ave.
  • Labret Pkwy.
  • Aesta Ave (1st Street, 1964-1969)
  • Alameda Drive (10th Street, 1964-1969)

In 1964, the S.L.C.T.A. and the S.L.H.A. merged and became the Silverio World Highway Association (S.W.H.A.). The SWHA took over the railroad, but later decided to tear it down. The trains took its last trip on October 15, 1965, where it would be demolished in favor of the newly-built subways. The only remnant of the route were the lights and street crossings marking evidence of the lost railroad. The Silverio Land Museum complex would later be built on the western terminus of the Prontera-Silverio Land City Railroad.

Models on DisplayEdit

  • GNR Stirling 4-2-2
  • SWNR D51 2-6-2
  • Bullet Train
  • Mallard
  • SWSR "Cowcatcher" 2-5-2
  • LNER Class 51
  • Union Pacific "Big Boy"
  • GNR "Tri-Tender" 4-2-4
  • SWNR "Kaika" 0-2-0
  • Pennsylvania Railroad K4 "Pacific"
  • GWR "Waitress" 2-6-2
  • SLCTA .52. Streetcar

Past models on displayEdit

  • SWNR "Streamliner" 4-2-2


The museum opened in 1956 as the Railway Museum.

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