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Silverio National Television is the largest television broadcaster of Silverio World.


1939-1954: The BeginningEdit

SNT went on the air on May 7, 1939, with its first affiliates in Silverio land and Haundrea. It was the first of the many local T.V. networks broadcast around the world. A logo evolved with a square-shaped box with the letters "S-N-T" in diagonal, with lightning strikes on the other spaces. This logo continued to be used until August 1954. In 1942, the network launched affiliates in Caresa (originally channel 4, airs on channel 7 after 1969), Flurenotora, Bering, and Lumpura. In 1946 SNT became a television provider and started regular telecasting. The next year, SNT launched SNT Now, a news program covering the latest events and Oxford Street, SNT's flagship television program about the daily adventures on Oxford Street. SNT in 1949 had five affiliates in four provinces. On May 15, 1952 SNT Now was cancelled due to lack of funding, so a new newscast replaced it, named SNT News (1952-1959 SNT Newscast), which continues into the present day.

SNT 1946

The original SNT-TV logo from 1946-1954


By 1954, SNT had seven affiliates in eight provinces. The SNT Design Bureau was planning a new logo design to replace the existing logo.

On August 7, 1954, after a 7:30 pm airing of I Love Lucy, the new logo was introduced and had the letters "S-N-T" in horizontal form. The new logo was a success, making the network reach worst to best 2 months after the introduction. In 1955, I Love Lucy and Oxford Street were both moved to SBC, and aired there until 1960, when the latter returned to SNT while the former was removed from Silverish TV.

SNT 1954-1989

The SNT Horizontal logo, used from July 1954 to August 1989.

1962-1966: SNT presents this program in vivid, beautiful color.Edit

In the summer of 1962, the main four networks met at the Silverish Radio & Television Convention in Torrena City (now called Cartoonicon). RTN had a head start on color television, beginning in 1962. By 1964, three of the networks have started color broadcasting. In 1965, SNT opened TV Planet to showcase their color television technology. The next year, SNT ordered 15 color broadcast machines, all Silverish-made. In early 1966, SNT made a 15-second ident: The first screen showed the words IN COLOR filling the screen, followed by the SNT logo in green (S), pink (N) and blue (T). The ident was launched in the summer of 1966, starting the color era for SNT.

SNT color 1966-2

SNT color logo 1966.

1967-1980: The Color EraEdit

SNT was the last network to switch to color. When the color era launched in 1966, many programs airing that year were not in color or barely. To manage this, SNT asked the production studios to switch to color broadcasting.

In 1967, a new campaign was launched called "Reach for the Stars!". It was successful and was used until 1969. In 1974, localized news were introduced replacing the SNT National News program. In 1975, affiliates launched elsewhere in Silverio World. By 1978, SNT plc became owned by Salute-Media LLC (now called Salute Media). In 1980, a new campaign launched called "We're the One" (KTCB used the slogan a year earlier).

1985: The formation of SNT KidsEdit

Many failed attempts to attract children eventually led to an idea. SNT CEO of the time, Kashuba Monoto, decided to create a children's block to attract children and their families, as programming became more and more inappropriate. The block, called SNT for Kids! (For was later removed), was launched on Saturday, November 23, 1985.

1989-1990: 50th AnniversaryEdit

In 1989, a new logo replaced the older SNT word mark with the "Celebrating 50 Years" lettering. The letters are now in the Calbiri Black font. In 1994, was launched.
SNT logo.svg

SNT logo from 1989 to 2003. The box was removed in 2003.

SNT logo 2003

The logo from 2003 to 2012.

2009: Transistion into 3DTVEdit

In 2009, SNT plc wanted to launch into the 3D market. On April 16, 2010 SNT launched SNT 3D Theater, a 3D feed of SNT seperate from the network itself.


In February 2012, the SNT logo was significantly updated to match their new SNT News idents, Later that month, six new idents for SNT, SNT Kids, SNT Sports, SNT 3D and SNT Films were first seen on HD feeds of many SNT stations. On April 1, 2012, before the Sea World Silverio World opening ceremony, the new logo, was put on air and became the official logo.

Late 2015: 4K broadcastingEdit

In October 2015, all six flagship SNT stations started broadcasting in 4K.


SNT airs many different programs, and being the main television network in Silverio World, airs the best quality programming on Silverish television.


SNT is well known for its various news and current affairs programs. On SNT, there are four national news programs broadcast on the network: Breakfast on SNT, which airs in the morning from 7 to 9 AM, The Afternoon Hour with John Korbesa, which airs from 1:00 to 1:30 PM, SNT News, the flagship hour-long news program which airs at 7 PM and The Midnight Hour, which airs at 12 AM. SNT also airs local and regional news programs under the Eyewitness News brand.



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  • KSNT-TV Silverio land (channel 10)
  • KTCB-TV Caresa (channel 7)
  • RSNT-TV Belladonna Cove (channel 5)
  • RCTB-TV Tianin (channel 8)
  • KSTB-TV Haundrea (channel 11)
  • KFAT-TV Fluenotora (channel 2)

Also owned by SNT, but not flagship (Major stations)Edit

  • ?

SNT logo variantsEdit

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