Planet Silverio Attacks 4: End of the World (Silverish:Attackus Planeta Silverio 4: Ei en tidora de Mundo) is an upcoming 2012 Silverish science-fiction disaster film directed by Montrea Bonga. It is scheduled to be released on August 7, 2012 with its distributor being Boca Pictures.


According to the Planet Silverio Attacks! website:

Claudia and Julie are graduating, but flying objects destroy Sepulveda Middle School, earthquakes destroy Las Vegas, Timbuktu is destroyed by fires, and Tokyo is destroyed by a tsunami. Will they stop the disasters?

The film begins in 2012 when Claudia and Julie begin to graduate from school.


Due to Montrea Bonga's commercial failure on Rollercoaster 4 she was unable to direct the previous film, Planet Silverio Attacks 3: Rollercoaster of Death. The film started production on October 21, 2011. A teaser trailer was released on March 9, 2012 before Sink At Sea, playing several clips from the previous films zooming out to the number "4" followed by a scene only conforming the month it will be released.

In May 2012, a trailer was released.

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