Planet Silverio Attacks!
Planet Silverio Attacks Poster

Directed by

Montrea Bonga


Teresa Sanchez
Jennifer Rhodes
Alam Lompart
Cole Sprouse
Maddison Pettis
and many more


OO Silverio land Films Company

Distributed by

Boca Pictures

Release Dates

November 13, 2009 (SIL)
December 18, 2009 (USA, CAN, EUR)
February 9, 2010 (AUS, NZ)

Filming Locations

Silverio Studios


They're back. To destroy Earth.

MPAA Rating

Rated PG-13 for intense sequences and violence.


Planet Silverio Attacks! 2: Destruction of the Moon

Planet Silverio Attacks! is a 2009 Silverish film directed by Montrea Bonga. The film is distributed by Silverish motion picture company Boca Pictures. In Silverio World the film is rated M15 for some sexual scenes, scenes of destruction and moderate violence.


The film starts in fall 2006. The students at Galaxy Middle School are so excited about the school dance. Julie (Teresa Sanchez) talks to her boyfriend about the school dance on Friday. Claudia (Jennifer Rhodes) takes the school test; she saw a UFO hovering over the school. Julie's boyfriend (Yoso Mongda) has an idea. Ulysses (actor unknown) cheats on his test. Then we go to Los Angeles. Two hip-hop guys (Alam Lompart, Sammy Rhodes) are preparing for their song to be on the top ten. Then they see a UFO. They say, "Oh my, it's going to destroy our city!". People run away as UFOs roam the streets. Their cars are topped onto another car as this happens. One of the UFOs climb up the U.S. Bank Tower, ruining it. Claudia is finally home. The elevator they ride malfunctions, killing them. The Martians destroy Downtown Los Angeles and a UFO destroys the top section of the U.S. Bank Tower. The Martians destroy the fictional Telegraph Tower, then they destroy the rest of Los Angeles. Everyone at the fictional Telegraph Tower are complaining about the Martians destroying Downtown Los Angeles. Vladimir (Chem Ama) is a Las Vegas resident who thinks her best friend (Emma Rhodes) saw the 5 o'clock news. Then they see a UFO. Julie (Teresa Sanchez) thinks she wants to go home.

It's Thursday. The Martians and Silvertians strike again. Alisa (Ellen DeGeneres) is standing in front of the under-construction Encore Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, the Stardust is ready to be demolished, until the Silvertians shoots the base, causing it to implode. The Martians then destroy the Wynn hotel, Circus Circus, Luxor, Monte Carlo, Bellagio, and Flamingo. We see Claudia in front of the cinema. Claudia (Jennifer Rhodes) is watching a movie, but the Martians create a hole on the movie screen. The people, except Claudia, run for their lives. The Martians escape, and Claudia picks up one of their laser guns, and kills all the Martians. She says, "I think there's more."

It's Friday. The school dance begins at the gymnasium. Claudia forgets her ticket, then gets it. The building text reads SEPULVEDA MIDDLE SCHOOL & GIFTED MAGNET. The Martians destroy the text. A UFO shoots the base of the gymnasium, splitting the gym in half, sending the students run for their lives, causing it to implode. The students enter the locker rooms.

The Martians destroy the fictional Telegraph Tower, then they destroy the rest of Los Angeles. Vladimir is running to the basement so she can't be destroyed. The offices on the fictional Telegraph Tower are destroyed, killing 500 people. At the Las Vegas Strip, Claudia is texting to her sister, until she sees the Luxor sign fall down to her car, crushing it to pieces. Then in Hawaii, the volcanoes destroy most of Hawaii while a tsunami destroys Honolulu.

Then the Capitol Studios Building is destroyed by the Martians.

It's Saturday. A bad weekend for everybody. In Paris, everyone on the Eiffel Tower saw a UFO. The Silvertians destroy the top portion of the tower, making everyone slip and fall off the tower. Then they destroy the middle. Last, they destroy the lower part of the Eiffel Tower, sending it crashing to the Seine River.

In San Francisco, the people are stuck in traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge. Next, everyone sees a UFO. The Martians create a hole on the bridge, causing it to collapse. Then there was trouble. Everyone's cars fall off the bridge and into the bay. And the Golden Gate Bridge is destroyed. Then the Martians destroy the rest of San Francisco.

In Mount Rushmore, the presidential heads gets replaced by 4 Silverio Goodwin heads. In India, the Taj Mahal is destroyed by an earthquake. In Japan, Tokyo sinks. The London Eye is destroyed by Martians. At Galaxy Middle School the school is severely damaged by the Martians. Then the Martians and Silvertians take over the world. The Statue of Liberty's head is desroyed, sending it to the ground of Liberty Island. In Washington, D.C. the White House and Washington Mounement is destroyed, too. The film ends in a deserted Earth and it says THE END?


  • This is the 27th film directed by Montrea Bonga.
  • This is the first Silverish movie in four decades to recieve a wide release in the United States.


  • Errors in geography: Sepulveda Middle School's hallways are seen level in the movie. In real life the go slightly up.

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