Evergreen Gardens Park
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Opening date

1981 (Silverio Land Carnival)
1982, 1994 (Evergreen Gardens)

Operating Season

February 5 - November 22

Previous names

Evergreen Gardens (1982-June 13, 2000)


1300 South Central Road, ParkLand Central, Silverio land, Silverio Capital Region, Silverio World SCR 505

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Big Loop

Roller Coasters


Water Rides


Evergreen Gardens is a Silverish mini-resort located in the ParkLand Resort Complex. The theme park, Evergreen Gardens Park, opened in 1982 following the Silverio land Carnival that occured the year before.


Evergreen Gardens began in 1978 when votes for the Silverio Land Carnival occured. After losing twice for 1978 and 1979, it won following a discussion on June 1, 1980. The carnival was constructed in 1980 and opened in June 1981. Rides included: Sky Wheel (254'11 tall ferris wheel), Loch Ness Monster (indoor roller coaster), two train rides (Adventure Train and Train to Troll Country),and a petting zoo.

Rides and AttractionsEdit




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