The film itselfEdit

  • This film was just an attempt to cash in on the disaster film genre, which was popular at the time because of the success of the 2009 film "2012."
  • The film was just an excuse for SNT to make money.
  • The film got a sequel.

Beginning of the filmEdit

  • The way the movie begins doesn't fit with the rest of the film.
  • The airport seen in the film is NOT John F. Kennedy International Airport, it's Silverio land's airport.
  • The subtitle John F. Kennedy International Airport has International spelled as Internatianol. Makes no sense.
    • This goof has been fixed in later airings of the film, as well as the DVD and Blu-ray versions.
  • Why does this scene even exist?!
  • We dedicate the first 5 minutes to a character named Emma, whom we'll never see again until Season 5 of the television series!

The LA TsunamiEdit

  • A 9.3 earthquake is too weak for a giant 60 foot wave to appear.
  • This is what the film should have began with, introducing the characters Mocon, Yoshen, The Society, et cetera.
  • Eastern Brokenhall is not earthquake country, it's California for crying out loud. Plus, tsunamis don't happen often.
  • The scene where the tsunami hits Santa Monica is extremely unrealistic, with many people drowning.
  • Rushed cheap unreliable special effects.
  • The way Yoshen and Mocon barely survived (by slamming the door shut in the maintenance room inside the tunnel) is impractical in real life.
  • The method The Society used to flee the tsunami (by driving away from it) would have been impossible, as there would be traffic jams going the same direction as them.

Vegas SmashdownEdit

  • The earthquake scale (8.3) is impossible in Las Vegas.
  • The sounds of people screaming is a single audio track looping over and over again. It's very annoying.
  • Bad special effects.
  • The way the Wynn is destroyed is very sloppy.
  • The way Las Vegas is destroyed is unrealistic.

Manila TornadoEdit

  • It is impossible for tornadoes to occur in the Philippines, as the country has a tropical climate.
  • The way the city decides to evacuate (by making everyone flee the city) is impractical in real life, as too many people are trying to escape.
  • The filmmakers should have known that from the tsunami scene.
  • It is impossible for an escalator to fall down due to too many people trying to get on.
  • The way Harua tries to escape (by plane) would have been too dangerous.
  • It is impossible for a force field to generate tornadoes.

Theme Park TornadoEdit

  • If the force field went to Florida, shouldn't have it come from the west instead of the east, as the map in the Society's room portrayed?
  • The Tornado Twisters has Twisters misspelled as Twsters (they made the same mistake in the TV series)
  • The park would have already been evacuated if a tornado was coming close to Disney World.
  • The way the tornado spawns inside the park is rushed terrible special effects.
  • It is impossible for a tornado to form out of another tornado.
  • You can't destroy a tornado. It's as simple as that.

Massive Evacuation of the WorldEdit

  • You can't evacuate the entire world. It's impossible.

Too Many DisastersEdit

  • Since this is happening in Summer 2010 (the time the film was released), the 2010 Winter Olympics would have already happened by this point, and would have not been cancelled.
  • It is impossible for Mount Kiluaea to turn into a destructive volcano and sink the entire Hawaiian islands.
  • It is impossible for Yellowstone to be obliterated by constant volcanic eruptions.
  • Remember when the tsunami that destroyed LA is now headed for China? Guess what. THAT CANNOT HAPPEN because Venkeru Island would be in the path of the tsunami. As a result, Metroworld would be hit in the tsunami, and the tsunami would never reach China.
  • Disney Studios would have been closed because of the disasters.

The fate of ParisEdit

  • A tornado cannot destroy the Eiffel Tower.
  • This scene is a parody of the Eiffel Tower scene from Planet Silverio Attacks!, which was released the previous year in 2009.
  • Emma is killed in the disaster. It's sad because we never get to see her again, she's just a minor character.

Asteroid ImpactEdit

  • This scene is a spoof of the asteroid scene from End Day.
  • The asteroid would have been too big for The Society to destroy. But due to their dumbness, they decide to send a probe to intercept and destroy the asteroid, only for the probe to malfunction and be destroyed by the asteroid, causing it to break up into a whole bunch of pieces and creating chaos! WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS?! THE PROBE'S DESTRUCTION WAS INEVITABLE, SO WHAT'S THE POINT OF DOING THIS?! TO FILL IN 6 MINUTES IN THE FILM'S RUNTIME!
  • It would have been too dangerous for a probe to be sent to intercept the asteroid.
  • The school would have been evacuated if a meteor was going to impact near Santa Clarita.
  • Evans Hall would have been destroyed by the incoming asteroid attack.
  • The scene where the asteroid hits the San Fernando Valley is a spoof of the nuclear nightmare scene from "Terminator 2: Judgement Day."
  • We never get to see what happens to the characters after the asteroid impact. Instead, all we get is the credits.
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