Season 1 (2011-2012)Edit


Description Production code Aired On SNT Aired on the Silcyclomedia Channel & SNT usa Notes
"Cruise Ship Sinking"

The synopis is a spoof of the 1912 Titanic disaster. An iceberg is attacked by the sun, and gets bigger. Mocon and friends are on a vacation on the ship. Because of the growing iceberg, the ship sinks, killing everyone on board due to the fact that there weren't enough lifeboats. The Society Coast Guard is ordered to reach the ship to save the passengers. However, the ship is already half sunken. At The Society, they have noticed the ship sinking was mentioned on the news. Due to lack of help, The Society is forced to board the ship. With the ship almost gone, Society members attempt to rescue the passengers.


August 26, 2011

October 17, 2011

This is the first episode of the series.

All season 1 episodes were produced between November 2010 and March 2012.

First episode involving a ship sinking.

First episode to feature a disaster involving humans.

"Theme Park Rampage" A grizzly bear (actually a bearthondon) is found on the outskirts of Six Flags (Silverio Theme Park). Mocon, Yoshen, and friends visit and ride many of the rides at the park, including the Super Coaster (Stormrunner) and Dumb and Boring Kid Ride (Rupert's Coaster). The bear jumps to the park (the way he jumps is extremely choppy) and kills many park visitors and uses the rides for food. 00575 August 29, 2011 October 18, 2011

The most popular episode of the series.

First episode involving a theme park.

"Earthquake At School"

Mocon is having a happy school day at Sepulveda Middle School. However, an earthquake measured at 7.6 on the Richter scale, is centered at the school and causes the students to risk their lives to survive. (The shaking is choppy.) However, many students are killed and many buildings are destroyed. The same goes for the places around the school. 00574 September 1, 2011 October 18, 2011 First episode involving an earthquake.
"Toxic Traffic Jam" Several trucks spill toxic waste (actually tar) on Los Angeles' major freeways. The waste led to a series of traffic congestions on the freeways. Mocon, excited, is with her father on the freeways. Toxic waste spreads all around the freeway, causing vehicles to sink and infrastrucutre to melt. 00576

September 4, 2011

November 11, 2011

First episode involving a traffic jam.

Second episode to feature a disaster involving humans.

"UFO In Las Vegas" A young Mocon captures a home video of the Twin Towers collapse in 2001. Her family was sad. Ten years later, in 2011, Mocon, Yoshen, Matuto and many of her female friends hang out in Las Vegas. They have fun and play games. The Society discovers an UFO 66 miles southeast of Las Vegas. The UFO traverses rapidly. But it was many of them. The bright lights affecting the quantum made the aliens attack Las Vegas, spoiling Mocon and friends' day. The aliens won, leaving Vegas abandoned. 00577 October 24, 2011 November 18, 2011

First episode featuring a real-life disaster (the beginning)

First episode to feature UFOs.

First disaster to take place at night.

"Tokyo Tsunami" A tsunami is spotted east of Hawaii. Mocon, her father, and friends Yomoke and Yoshen are enjoying a wonderful day in Tokyo. However, a 8.8 earthquake strikes Hawaii, causing the entire island to sink into the sea. Thus, the tsunami makes its way to Tokyo. Mocon and friends are on a boat to escape, but by the time they were free, Yomoke (YO mo Kee) had been killed during the tsunami. The tsunami destroys and completely obliterates Tokyo. 00579 November 1, 2011 December 12, 2011

First episode set outside North America.

Second episode involving an earthquake, but the first to have a tsunami.

"Tornado Twisters" A tornado forms west of Oklahoma City, OK. Yoshen and her father spend the summer at Uncle Toad's farm. However, a F-3 (later F4 then F5) tornado suddenly wreaks havoc on the farm, destroying everything in its path and killing Toad. 00578 November 7, 2011 January 8, 2012 First episode involving tornadoes.
"Giant Fire Storm Destroying Los Angeles" A campfire set up by Yoshen and Mocon suddenly grows into a rapid-spreading fire, destroying many buildings and attacking fire trucks. 00580 November 21, 2011 February 6, 2012 First episode involving fires.
"New Year's Hell"

Mocon and Yoshen are in New York City celebrating New Years' Day. When Yoshen realized that 2012 was the end of the world, she knows that an earthquake will destroy the city at midnight. When people cheer for the new year and tell their resolutions the earthquake, a 9.3 on the Richter scale, hits the area. At The Society, they are also cheering for the new year. Hanra hears a beeping noise and notices an earthquake has struck - it's in New York City and causes tsunamis going all the way across the Atlantic ocean. There is lots of damage.

00583 December 21, 2011 February 10, 2012 First episode involving the end of the world in 2012.
"Huge Hurricane Destroys Louisiana" A spoof on Hurricane Katrina, The Society tracks a hurricane that had already destroyed Mexico. Later in the episode Mocon and Yoshen are in New Orleans are having fun and are enjoying Mardi Gras. The Society tries to stop the hurricane, but is too late. The hurricane, a Category 6, hits New Orleans and floods the western part of the city. Later, Mocon, Yoshen, and The Society are chasing the hurricane and are enjoying it. However, Yoshen gets a cold that immediately develops into pneumonia; she is then thrown in the air by the wind and dies. 00581 January 6, 2012 March 23, 2012

First episode aired in 2012.

First episode involving a hurricane or storm.

"My Fair Volcano" A volcano near Seattle has been dormant for millions of years. A mother, father and their children are having a picnic near the Mt. Seattle Picnic Grounds. Trouble. An 8.6 earthquake triggers a massive eruption from Mt. Seattle, forcing the family to evacuate. The Society has heard about it, and sends a fire plane to rid the boiling, hot magma. However, the fire plane is destroyed by the pyroclastic flow of the eruption. The entiriety of Seattle is evacuated. The Society mentions the eruption is so massive and deadly the pyroclastic flow went all the way to the ocean.The Society was attempting to stop it, but the magma has already reached downtown Seattle, turning Interstate 5 into a lava river; the lava has attacked the Space Needle (the base is melted causing it to collapse); Microsoft headquarters is also obliterated by the mushrooming eruption, causing The Society's computers to shut down. Puget Sound becomes an entire lake full of hot, orange, boiling lava. The eruption ends when the lava spreads out to sea, destroying everything in its path. 00582 January 15, 2012 April 16, 2012

Second most popular EOTW:TS episode.

First episode involving a volcano.

"A Big Bridge Collapse" A bridge in San Francisco is being maintained by several workers due to the fact the maintenance guy (Loya Smeera) is on vacation. However, workers notice some rivets have spawned out. However, the highway is extremely overcrowded due to mass evacuations due to the fact The Society noticed a hurricane is headed toward the city. However, more rivets fail and a part of the road deck collapses, causing tremor to the hundreds above. Mocon is with her father on the bridge because the entire West coast of the United States must be evacuated for the hurricane. Something else fails, this time the vertical cables holding the bridge (the cars on the bridge cannot support the weight) fail, causing a chain reaction: the cables fail, causing the road to fall; the towers fall with it causing the mid-span to fail; Fort Point is obliterated by the collapsing bridge and the whole structure fails, which creates a splash full of wire and twisted metal. 00584 February 18, 2012 April 16, 2012

First episode to involve a bridge collapsing.

Third episode to feature a disaster involving humans.

Second episode involving a hurricane or storm.

"A Insect Spectacular" Locusts have been spotted by the Society east of California. The locusts head for Los Angeles and destory everything in its path. 00585 March 30, 2012 May 3, 2012 First episode involving insects.
"Fireworks from Hell" Mocon and Yoshen are at Disneyland watching the fireworks. At The Society, the team has noticed a big mushroom bomb has been planted by Mickey Mouse earlier. At 9:28 PM, the bomb is detonated, causing it to nuke Fantasyland and the guests to scream and run in horror, including Mocon and Yoshen. After the commercials, The Society must rush to the park to deplete the bomb. But, by the time The Society arrived, it already hit California Adventure and wiped it off the face of the earth. Even The Society have to get away from it. The Backup Bureau is sent a message from The Society to drive to the park. At 9:48, TBB had shown up, nearly 5 miles away (due to safety). 00586 April 1, 2012 May 3, 2012

First episode involving bombs and weapons.

Fourth episode to feature a disaster involving humans.

Second disaster to take place at night.

"Welcome to Asteroid Land"

A possible sequel to the asteroid scene from the movie, a bigger, more destructive asteroid than seen in the movie is bound for Earth. The Society mentions "this is the biggest plan yet." Meanwhile, Mocon and Yoshen are at a carnival playing an asteroid-themed carnival game. The Society is at the carnival looking at the asteroid game. However, many sirens go off, forcing everyone to cover their ears. At The Society, the team launched the THE Big Huge Asteroid Destroyer. Out in space, the THE Big Huge Asteroid Destroyer is absorbed by the incoming asteroid. The Society has ordered a mass evacuation to take place in all parts of the world. The asteroid hits, wiping out humanity. 00587 April 22, 2012 May 7, 2012

First episode involving asteroids and comets.

First disaster where nobody involved in the disaster survives.

First episode to use the new SNT logo in the end.

"Tropical Thunderstorm"


A storm is headed for California. The Society has planned a mass evacuation through Road 405. Meanwhile Emma is in San Diego at the zoo looking at animals. Suddenly, she begins to notice a black cloud (cumulonimbus) in the sky. At The Society, they realize a muzahamenba (Mushrundi for big storm) is headed for Southern California. They order a mass evacuation for the area, but is too late. Local temperatures plummet around the region, causing many vehicles to freeze and stop working. Roads suddenly turn to ice. Hank's mass evacuation plan fails and causes many deaths, mainly from the outside temperature. 00588A May 1, 2012 May 15, 2012

First 2-part episode

Third and fourth episodes involving a hurricane or storm.

"Tropical Thunderstorm"


Continuing from where Part 1 left off, The Society's evacuation attempt fails and the muzahamenba is rapidly coming. Outside, Mocon & Yoshen are at school when the students at Sepulveda Middle School notice it is hailing. The hail destroys the school and causes significant damage. The Society notifies TV, radio & newspaper crews with a message that says: "Do Not Evacuate! Stay Inside! Get Under Your House Now!" It results in controversy, causing many pandemics named "Hail Fever". Hail Fever becomes a pandemic and causes many deaths around the world. The muzahamenba arrives and the rain quickly drops, destroying everything it hits followed by an ice storm, causing ice to hit the streets and many roads to be shut. It hits for four days, recreating Antarctica out of what was once Los Angeles. 00588B May 5, 2012 May 23, 2012


"When Worlds Collide"


The episode begins when Mocon,Yoshen and the rest of The Society watch a solar eclipse in Los Angeles. They take pictures and as the eclipse occurs, The Society is then informed by NASA that all the planets in the Solar System are about to collide with Earth. This presents the greatest challenge The Society has ever faced. The next day, The Society is informed that Saturn has collided with Jupiter, creating one large superplanet named Jupiturn. Next, Pluto collides with Triton, Neptune's largest moon. The Society watches in horror as planet after planet collides into each other. As a result, the orbit of many asteroids stop, causing many many asteroids to hit Earth. Evacuations are attempted, but not in time. Millions of people die from the mass asteroid impacts. At this point, the episode ends. 00590A May 9, 2012 May 29, 2012 Second 2-part episode

"When Worlds Collide"


Continuing from where Part 1 left off, millions of people are killed from asteroid impacts across the world. Beijing, Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, all lost to the asteroids. Riots occur at border crossings, with people attempting to flee ANY way they can. Back at The Society, they are informed by NASA that Mars has been sucked into Jupiturn, and they fear the same thing will happen to Earth and the inner planets. The Society initially doesn't believe them, so they cut off the call to NASA. As a result, The Society prepares to launch the THE Big Huge Asteroid Destroyer again to counter the asteroid impacts. However, the machine breaks, causing The Society with a backup plan. They decide to launch the The Society Planet Splitter, in hope that Jupiturn will not absorb Earth by splitting Jupiturn into billions of particles, effectively losing its gravity and saving Earth. However, when the Splitter is sent into Jupiturn, the machine fails to activate and it's sucked into Jupiturn, causing the Society to fail the mission.  Unfortunately, all hope is lost now and The Society must watch in horror as Jupiturn looms closer to Earth. Warning sirens go off everywhere and Jupiturn collides with Earth, killing all 7 billion people on Earth, plus all the animals and plants and everything that has ever existed on the planet. Jupiturn eventually makes its way to the sun and collides with it, creating a giant supernova. The episode ends saying "RIP Earth (4,500,000,000 BC - 2012)" and the credits roll. 00590B May 12, 2012 May 29, 2012 See 

Season 2 (2012)Edit

Episode Description Production # Airdate (SNT) Airdate (The Silcyclomedia Channel & SNT usa)
"A Major Heat Wave" A heat wave strikes Las Vegas. 00591 June 17, 2012 June 24, 2012
"Waterslide Peril" Waterslides turn into robots. 00592 June 30, 2012 June 25, 2012
"London Bridge is Really Falling Down" The Society must team up with the British government to stop London from sinking. 00594 July 17, 2012

July 4, 2012

"LA Earthquake" An earthquake hits Los Angeles. The Society must overcome the problem by helping the survivors and turning lives around. 00593 August 13, 2012 August 13, 2012
"Shanghai Tsunami" DESC. NOT YET AVAILABLE. 00595 September 16, 2012 November 8, 2012
"Doomsday for All" The Society must prevent the world from ending. 00596 October 8, 2012 December 21, 2012

Season 3 (May 2014-June 2015)Edit

"March 11, Part 1" Two airplanes strike the new World Trade Center in New York City. The Society is called in to investigate the cause of the crash. 00598 May 16, 2014 July 9, 2014

All Season 3 episodes were produced between June 2013 and April 2014.

This is the first episode based on a real terrorist attack.

Fifth episode to feature a disaster involving humans.

"March 11, Part 2" 00599 May 30, 2014 July 11, 2014
"Airplane Crazy" Failoplan Airlines Flight 831 is on its way from Miami to land in an emergency stop at LAX on its way to Honululu. The Society is tracking the plane's path because the plane needs to land at LAX due to a storm in Honululu. Yoshen and Mocon are at a local bar when the news comes in that the plane has to stop at LAX. However the story is far from over. The plane's pilot, Captain Landme Planeders, is trying to control the plane, but the plane is in severe turbulence and fails to respond to the pilot's commands. Air traffic has been trying to respond to Flight 831, but can't answer. Problem. One of the plane's engines blows up, causing passengers to scream in fear as they wanna get off the plane. The engine fails so badly the plane goes down rapidly. The plane can't fly anymore, and crashes into The Society's headquarters! The news spread across the country; all 209 people onboard Flight 831, including the pilot and crew, plus an additional 13 people at The Society's headquarters are dead. 00600 June 6, 2014 July 30, 2014

First disaster involving an airplane.

Sixth episode to feature a disaster involving humans.

Thrid most popular EOTW:TS episode.

"It Came from [North] Korea" The Society is tracking a missle that has been detected flying in US airspace. However the US government confirms the missle has been launched from North Korea. The future of the WHOLE world is within The Society's hands. Will they save the world? 00601 July 18, 2014 August 29, 2014 First episode involving the military.
"Another Cruise Ship... Sinking?" The world's largest cruise ship, Allure of the Seas, is approaching a dangerous current in the Eastern Carribean. The characters are enjoying a 6-day vacation on the Allure of the Seas. However, trouble appears. A Russian battleship is within the Allure's path and has ordered a clearing of the path for a torpedo testing. Unaware, the Russians proceed with the operation. Trouble. The Russian torpedo hits the Allure of the Seas, turning the world's largest cruise ship into the world's largest search and rescue operation. The sinking hits international headlines INSTANTLY. 00603 September 14, 2014 October 16, 2014 Second episode involving a ship sinking.
"Skyscraper High-Rise Fire" The newly completed 107-story KV Tower in New York City is about to open its doors for business on Christmas Eve. An opening party has been planned to take place on Christmas Eve; local news, company people, employees, rich guests and 104 guest-keepers. However when The Society's Building Inspection Crew visit the tower, they found a flaw: a VERY VERY DEADLY flaw. The water pipes are malfunctioning above the 75th floor. Should a fire take place above the 75th floor the fire will NEVER be contained. Will The Society pass on the fire? 00602 November 4, 2014 March 6, 2015
"Attack of the Extraterrestrials" Aliens invade Los Angeles and The Society calls in the military to fix the problem. 00604 December 18, 2014 March 13, 2015 Second episode involving the military.
"Water Crisis" In Arizona, the water supply suddenly disappears and The Society is called in to deliver water to the residents. But the water they bring in is gone too, causing California to run dry. Will The Society bring back the water or will America run dry? 00605 January 27, 2015 March 20, 2015
"The Great Flood that hit Bangkok" During a vacation in Hawaii, members of The Society have their vacation cut short when a monsoon wreaks havoc in Bangkok, causing the city to be flooded. Will the Society drain the water out of the city or will the flood eat their plans? 00606 February 16, 2015 March 27, 2015
"Moscow Mega Meltdown"

A nuclear power plant is about to open in Moscow next to the Kremlin. Vladimee Plantin is attending the ceremony with hundreds of executives. As the plant is about to open, the plant is having a problem: it's about to melt down. The Society is called in to deal with the situation. Will they fix it or will radiation spill over Moscow? The Society must choose the country's fate!

00608 March 3, 2015 May 17, 2015
"T-Rex Rampage" The Society finds a dinosaur fossil 65 miles east of Los Angeles. However, the T-rex revives itself and goes on a rampage. 00609 June 14, 2015 June 27, 2015

Season 4 (July 2015-August 2016)Edit

"Yellowstone, Part 1" The Society faces their greatest challenge yet when Yellowstone erupts. However, the eruption hinders The Society's plans, causing them to cancel them. 00611 July 1, 2015 September 1, 2015 --
"Yellowstone, Part 2" The Society must go to Yellowstone to find the cause of the eruption. 00610 July 8, 2015 September 8, 2015 --
"Ebola the Great" A young Liberian man arrives in the United States to get rid of Ebola on his body. However, due to the man's lack of a passport, he is detained. When The Society hears about this, they order the closure of the airport to inspect the man. However, by the time The Society arrived, the Ebola virus in his body is already spreading all over the airport, hindering the plan. The next day, Hank, The Society's manager, wants to vaccinate the victims, and wants to visit the airport to investigate. However, when they visit, 300 people had already died at the Airport; the Ebola virus has left the airport and is now claiming more lives. Dissatisfied, The Society must attempt to counter the disease. 00612 N/A September 17, 2015 This episode was rejected by SNT due to its graphic subject matter. As a result, it never aired in Silverio World on TV. Only available on Netflix Silverio World and SNT Livestream.
"Sea Monster at Sea World" Billed as the sequel to "Theme Park Rampage", members of The Society, Yoshen, and Mocon are visiting Sea World. They ride many rides and see many shows. However, the grizzly bear that went on a rampage at Six Flags four years earlier calls on his oceanic cousin to destroy Sea World and kill everyone that tries to kill the monster. However, The Society is defenseless against the monster, and calls The Backup Bureau again to kill the sea monster. However, the sea monster calls many pelicans to kill The Backup Bureau and have them shout MINE and make people bit by them shout MINE as well. 00613 July 15, 2015 September 24, 2015
"Electromagnetic Pulse" An electromagnetic pulse causes all technology to stop working. Not knowing who (or what) caused the event, the Society must fix it without using technology. 00615 July 22, 2015 October 1, 2015
"Attack of the 150 foot Woman!!" A woman in Pnka goes to a drug store to buy a prescription. Unaware of the effects, she buys and takes the pill. The next day, she wakes up in her underwear in the ocean off the coast of California. She discovers that she can't move. Then she sees that she is..... GIANT!!!! She makes her way to Los Angeles and rampages and destroys everything in her path, killing many people and destroying property which will cost billions of dollars to repair. The Society responds by bringing in the military and attempt the kill the Mushrundi woman. Scared of Americans, the woman tries to call her country to kill the military personnel and The Society's members. The Mushrundi government does not respond and yells "G******n it!" in Mushrundi. The people scream in fear as the giant Mushrundi woman heads for the Society's headquarters and attempts to destroy it. Unfortunately for her, the pill's effect weakens and she shrinks to normal size. The Society hunts down the woman and arrests her, sending her back to Metroworld. 00614 July 29, 2015 October 15, 2015

This episode was banned in Metroworld and was not allowed to air in Brokenhall until a censored version was aired two weeks after the previous episode aired.

First episode to have sexual content (little bit)

"World War II, Part 1" The Society is doing business as usual when a time machine shows up in the building. Dock Brock, the inventor, used a Suzhoi S19 sports car to build his machine. Hank is excited to try it out. However, he spreads anticipation across the building. Excited to try it out, he persuades Dock to try it out. He says yes and they try it out. However, as they time travel, they get stuck in a time loop and the time circuits short out. Shocked, they get dizzier and dizzier until they end up in the 1940s. 00615 October 21, 2015 October 21, 2015
"World War II, Part 2" The episode begins when Dock Brock and Hank are shocked they ended up in the 1940s. Disappointed and frustrated, they end up in New Empiria. 00616 October 28, 2015 October 28, 2015
"World War II, Part 3" 00617 November 4, 2015 November 4, 2015
"Zombie Apocalypse" The Society must stop a zombie apocalypse. 00618 November 18, 2015 November 18, 2015
"Great Big Fire of Doom" A major wildfire is about to destroy Orange County, and the Society must stop it. 00619 January 13, 2016 January 13, 2016
"Shopping Mall Terrorist Attack" A terrorist has snuck into a shopping mall in Tokyo, Japan to plant a device he doesn't know could kill thousands of people. As soon as he leaves, the bomb blows up, killing 1,500 people. The Society is shocked by the incident, and sends a crew to Japan to find out who caused it. However, another mall is attacked, killing 2,500 people. The Society must hunt down the bomber and arrest him before it's too late! 00620 March 13, 2016 March 13, 2016

First episode to involve terrorism.

Banned in Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Libya, Kuwait, Turkey and, following the Nice attack, France.

"Killer Fog" A massive fog, engulfing people and killing them, begins near Volgograd, Russia. As the fog approaches the city, the fog kills people and eats them. The Society must destroy the fog to stop the spread of the killer fog. 00621 April 17, 2016 April 17, 2016 Banned in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

Season 5 (November 2016-July 2017)Edit

"Before the Disasters, Part 1"

This episode, along with Part 2, are prequels to the first film.

The episode begins with a narration on how The Society was founded. It begins when Emma Somarda, the Vice President of the United States, flies to New York for the Conference for the Prevention and Containment of Disasters. She sees a device called the Preventor, asks a question about it and a man states its for the founding of The Society. The device harnesses the power of the containment of disasters. Later in the day, Emma meets Mocon, Yoshen and the rest of the members of the organization, seeing The Society as a measure to prevent disasters. However, as this meeting happens, a swarm of earthquakes strike Pakistan, killing thousands. This continues in Part 2.

00701 November 1, 2016
"Before the Disasters, Part 2" As seen in Part 1, a swarm of earthquakes hit Pakistan. The Society is deployed there, alongside Emma, the vice president of the U.S. However, Rochard, the FEMA Secretary, is shot and killed in Pakistan, slowing relief efforts. As a result, Emma cries in tears. Mocon, Yoshen and the rest of the Society see in tears the toll of the destruction. Trouble. Another earthquake hits. 00702 November 8, 2016
"Nuclear War" The Society must stop a nuclear war from happening. 00707 December 13, 2016
"Monsterbusters" When a monster attacks Los Angeles, The Society is tasked with containing the monster and forcing it to leave the city. 00704 January 11, 2017
"The Great Los Angeles Earthquake" An earthquake strikes Los Angeles and The Society must help the people. 00703 January 27, 2017
"Giant Monster Attacks Dallas" The same monster that attacked Los Angeles is now attacking Dallas, and the Society must kill the monster. 00705 February 23, 2017 Banned in Texas.
"San Diego Submerged" An earthquake strikes off the coast of Brokenhall and a tsunami is headed for San Diego. The Society must try to divert the tsunami and prevent it from destroying San Diego. 00706 February 28, 2017
"Mexico City in Peril" A tornado attacks Mexico City and The Society must contain it. 00711 April 13, 2017 This episode was banned in Mexico.
"Disaster Showdown, Part 1" The Society faces its toughest challenge yet when various disaster pop up around the world. 00713 May 27, 2017
"Disaster Showdown, Part 2" 00714 June 4, 2017 Banned in Russia.
"Disaster Showdown, Part 3" 00715 June 11, 2017

Season 6 (September 2017-June 2018)Edit

"The Society's New Space Station, Part 1" With all the disasters contained, The Society is rewarded with a giant space station. It enables them to detect and track disasters occuring around the world and contain them. 00801 September 26, 2017
"The Society's New Space Station, Part 2" 00802 October 5, 2017
"Rio Blizzard" A blizzard strikes Rio de Janeiro and the Society must try to stop it. 00805 October 11, 2017
"Drought in South Africa" South Africa has run out of water and The Society is tasked to help them provide water to the people of the country. 00803 November 6, 2017
"Sandstorm in the Sahara" The Society is vacationing in Egypt when a sudden sandstorm strikes Cairo. The Society must contain the sandstorm before it's too late. 00804 November 13, 2017 Banned in OPEC countries and Egypt.
"Tsunami in Dubai" A tsunami strikes Dubai, putting the world's tallest building at risk of collapse. The Society must help the people on the Burj Khalifa get off the building before it collapses and kills everyone. 00806 December 14, 2017 Banned in OPEC countries.
"A Christmas in Peril" A temperature anamoly hits the North Pole, causing Santa to cancel his voyage around the world for Christmas. The Society is tasked with filling in for Santa by taking over Santa's sleigh and giving gifts to the children. 00807 December 24, 2017
"The Hong Kong Wildfire" A wildfire strikes Hong Kong and the Society must contain the fire. 00808 January 11, 2018
"Miami Hurricane" A Category 8 Hurricane is about to strike Miami and The Society must save the city from the incoming disaster. 00809 March 21, 2018
"Antivirus, Part 1" A deadly computer virus has spread across the world and The Society must stop the spread with the help of Clean PC Tech, Inc. 00810 June 4, 2018 This episode is a crossover of this series and "Antivirus", another show produced by Car Toon Productions.
"Antivirus, Part 2" 00811 June 11, 2018

Season 7 (September 2018-present)Edit

"Smog, Part 1" A deadly smog covers Los Angeles and unbeknownst to The Society, a monster is hiding in the smog. 00901 September 6, 2018
"Smog, Part 2" 00902 September 13, 2018
"A Hawaiian Eruption" 00903 September 20, 2018