End of the World: The Series is a Silverish television series that aired since August 29, 2011. The disasters are unrealistic, just like the movie.


The show is about a fictional U.S. government agency called The Society of Disaster Prevention and Containment, shortened to just the Society. The U.S. government, together with the United Nations, created the agency in response to the events in the first movie. Together, the Society dedicates its efforts to destroy various disasters and prevent them from happening.


  • Mocon, the protagonist of the series. She works at the Society along with the others at the agency. She is joyful, loving and caring.
  • Yoshen Richardson, is the secondary character in the series. She also works for The Society. Yoshen is very stubborn, but nice and friendly.

List of episodesEdit

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So far, the show has aired six seasons.


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  • Planet Silverio Attacks!: "UFO in Las Vegas" is heavily influenced and spoofed by a scene in the film when Las Vegas is destroyed by the Martians and Silvertians. There is a spoof of the scene when Claudia's car gets crushed by the falling Luxor Casino's tower (Tomb Casino Tower in End of the World!) tower.
  • Cosmia: In UFO in Las Vegas the drawing Tina made, on the end table to the left, next to the bed, looks like Cosmia.
    Cosmia Nova

    The mentioned photo.

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