The Silverish film industry is the largest film and entertainment industry in the world. According to many sources, including the Silverish Film Press, there are 11,613 movie theaters in the country and 6,372 studios producing the films. Movies are nominated at the Yamdema Awards (Silverish: Awardes kene ya Yamademar).


The industry is dominated by 18 major studios:

  1. Boca Pictures
  2. Whitehorse Pictures
  3. Crown Films
  4. Tianin Films
  5. Silverish Films Corportation
  6. ImageWorks
  7. Ishari Films
  8. Evans Films
  9. Mululu Production Films
  10. 1603 Film Productions
  11. Lochena & Belladonna Film Company Limited
  12. OO Films Company
  13. H.T. Films
  14. dtl Films
  15. Delta Films
  16. Oceanscape Pictures
  17. Wazena Media
  18. Athol Films
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